Character Name: Ko

Age (by 2 ABY): 26

Affiliation: Vi Rein’s crew

Character's Alias(es): N/A

Character's Nickname(s): N/A

Physical Appearance Edit

Species: Human

Year of Birth: 24 BBY

Body build/type: Tall and thin, though with an athletic build.

Eye color: Icy blue- almost white looking

Skin tone: Average White

Hair color and style: Silver hair down to his lower back, kept up in a ponytail with a few hair strands loose.

Distinguishing mark: N/A

Voice: Medium to lower pitched, usually speaks in a quiet voice.

Jewelry or accessories: [Mauser belt.] Contains:

  • Flash / smoke / electric grenades
  • Thermal detonator
  • Poison vials / darts / antidotes
  • Gauze / painkillers / bacta
  • Credits
  • Kunai / bola
  • Trip Wire

[Datapad] [Two knives- one in each boot] [Cortosis sword] [434 Blaster Pistol] [Wrist dart launcher]

Armor or clothing: All of his clothes are black and made from spider silk, except the silver cortosis pieces of his armor. He wears a sleeveless shirt and loose pants. He wears a mask made from his clothing material over the lower half of his face- nose and mouth. He wears cloth gloves with a metal blocker over the top, armored boots that magnetize, knee pads, forearm guards, shoulder pads, and a small breast plate.

His Sword: His sword looks like any other curved vibroblade at first glance. Upon close inspection, his sword can channel an electric current through it to stun targets. The sword can also be split into two blades and then merge back together again seamlessly.

Personality Edit

Good personality traits: Tolerant, straight as an arrow, on point, competent, quick learner

Bad personality traits: Not expressive, doesn't voice thoughts often, doesn't always give warnings

Mood character is most often in: Stoic

Character's greatest joy in life: Swordplay

Character's greatest fear: N/A

Life philosophy: N/A

Greatest strengths: Physical activity, stealth, close combat, assassination, tracking

Greatest vulnerability or weakness: Social interaction, fighting in large groups, teamwork

Biggest regret: N/A

Biggest accomplishment: N/A

Goals Edit

Drives and Motivations: Supporter of the Empire for its solid structure. Enjoys order.

Immediate Goals: Working with Vi's crew and doing merc or bounty hunter work.

Long Term Goals: N/A

Past Edit

Hometown / Planet: Coruscant

Education: Formal education at a private academy to train Imperial assassins

Present Edit

Current location: N/A

Currently living with: Vi's crew

Pets/Droids: N/A

Occupation: Assassin

Family Edit

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: N/A

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Other important family members: N/A

Favorites Edit

Color: Black

Food: Wild Boar

Form of entertainment: Sparring

Expressions: N/A

Most prized possession: His sword and mask

Habits Edit

Hobbies: Sparring, hunting, fixing up equipment, training

Smokes/Drinks/Drugs: N/A

Peculiarities: Trained to withstand force mental attacks, familiar with fighting force users

Relationships with Others Edit

Attitude with other people in general: Quiet and observant, speaks shortly and to the point.

Person character most hates: N/A

Best friend(s): N/A

Person character goes to for advice: N/A

Person(s) character feels responsible for or takes care of: The crew

Person character feels shy or awkward around: N/A