Syrus Reference:

Basic Information: Edit

Full name: Syrus'Tary Tarnell    

Nicknames: Sy, Tary (as Tarialo)  

Aliases: Syrus Tarnell (goes by)  

Species: Human  

Gender: Male  

Sexual orientation: Cis-white  

Age: 19  

Birthday: Summer  

Height: 5 foot 10    

Weight: 158 lbs  

Dominant Hand: Left  

Occupation: Lieutenant in the Military, Inquisitor-in-Training  

Former occupations: Jedi, Sector Commander in the Military    

Place of work: Telos  

Living arrangements: Flat with the Tarnells    

Hometown: N/A, born on a Starship    

Current town of residence: Thani, Telos    

Previous residences: The Tarnell Estate's Laboratory, Hiraem Village, Telos  

Physical Aspects Edit

Head and face shape: (Bad at this, reference Sai's drawing)

Eyes/Eyebrows: (Bad at this, reference Sai's drawing)

Nose: (Bad at this, reference Sai's drawing)

Mouth: (Bad at this, reference Sai's drawing)

Skintone: (Bad at this, reference Sai's drawing)

Hair: (Bad at this, reference Sai's drawing)

Distinguishing Marks: Cybernetic eye in his right eye socket

Bone structure: (Bad at this, reference Sai's drawing)

Physical build/fitness: (Bad at this, reference Sai's drawing)

Posture: (Bad at this, reference Sai's drawing)

Voice: While being silly and goofing off, think of a not as stereotypical gay man's voice, but it can turn deep and somewhat authoritative when he gets serious

Clothing: White dress shirt, black jacket, black belt, black slacks, black dress shoes

Accessories: Lightsaber  

Colors s/he’d never wear: Has no shame, will wear anything  

Colors s/he always wears: White and black

Training/Hobbies/Possessions Edit

Occupational training: Military training, Jedi training

Musical training: Piano training during his stay at Hiraem Village

Combat training: Military and Jedi training

Street training: None

Hobby training: Piano training

Other training: Krish'na Training

Hobbies: The piano, making gay jokes

Collections: None

Telltale signs: He's gay, need I say more?

Very good at: Getting into trouble, annoying Lunia (and others), ranged combat (specifically sniper rifles)

Very bad at: Learning from his mistakes, controlling his emotions

Prized possessions: None

Family heirlooms: None

Personality Information Edit

Joys: Secretly Lunia, getting praised, feeling accomplished  

Fears: Disappointing others, losing Lunia, no longer being useful, deep water  

Coping mechanisms—sorrow/loss: Overexert himself    

Coping mechanisms—physical pain: Fight through it  

Coping mechanisms—humiliation: Get flustered and try to make excuses  

Coping mechanisms—trauma: Isolation  

Coping mechanisms—heartache: Fake smile, smile and wave!  

Optimist, pessimist or realist: Pessimist  

Love Language: Touch    

Idiosyncrasies (Verbal): None  

Idiosyncrasies (Physical): None  

Nervous habits: Cracks gay jokes when he's nervous  

Greatest character virtues: Gay, caring (deep down), hardy  

Greatest character flaws: Headstrong, overly emotional, immature  

Trivial Preferences Edit

Alcohol tolerance: Unknown

Sweet, sour, bitter, or salty: Sour

Pet peeves: Lunia being praised more than him

Time most awake: Early afternoon

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite colors: White

Favorite weather: Sunny

Favorite kinds of people: Friendly and non-judgmental

Favorite foods: Meat

Favorite drinks: Anything with caffeine

Favorite places: Anywhere without deep water

Musical preferences: Techno

Clothing preferences: Formalish

Literary preferences: Military handbooks, romance novels (Secretly)

Weapons preferences: DC-17m with sniper configuration

Travel preferences: Speeder

Most relaxing activities/surroundings: Shooting range

Relationships/Family Edit

Pets / Droids: None

Family wealth: Very Wealthy

Immediate family: Pyarax Tarnell (Deceased), Beato'Kira (Deceased), Lunia Tarnell, Syvesh Tarnell (Deceased), Keich'Rona

Relationships with family: Close with Lunia and Syvesh, estranged with Pyarax and Beato, getting to know Kei

Extended family: Tekilus Tarnell (Deceased), Aricona Tarnell (Deceased), Ne'enti Tarnell (Deceased), Drerro Tarnell (Deceased), Vei'ta Tarnell (Deceased), Adaeila Tarnell, Jakral Tarnell (Deceased), Kinza Tarnell (Deceased), Aprilus Tarnell

Relationships with extended family: Estranged, on friendly terms with Aprilus and Adaeila

Current friends: Acehart (Deceased), Faea, Jaden, Siester, Mikaeyla, Revenant, Kavael and the Inquisitors

Current enemies: Tekilus Tarnell (Deceased), Yshra'Tarn (Deceased), The Shapeshifter (Imprisoned) Haren Azan (Deceased)

Current employer: The Military, the Inquisitors

Previous employers: The Jedi

Galactic Standing: Lieutenant

Goals Edit

Short-term goals: Get stronger

Long-term goals: Get stronger than he has ever been

Childhood goals: Escape

Life-long goals: Achieve a life that he is happy with

Romantic goals: Find a male that is interested in other males, and then get intimate with said male

Relational goals: Make lasting friendships

Family goals: Annoy Lunia and the others

Revenge goals: Too many to list

History Edit