Character Name: Vivian Rein (Vi)

Age (by 2 ABY): 21

Affiliation: Sith

Character's Alias(es): N/A

Character's Nickname(s): Vivi, Vi

Physical Appearance Edit

Species: Human

Year of Birth: 20 BBY

Body build/type: Curvy figure. 5 ft 7.

Eye color: Green

Skin tone: Tan

Hair color and style: Light brown hair falling just past her shoulders. Kept in a ponytail. Has sideswept bangs.

Distinguishing mark: Wears red eyeshadow

Voice: Medium tone with a Coruscant accent.

Jewelry or accessories: Has two lightsabers (blue and green) clipped to her belt with her datapad.

Armor or clothing: Wears cloth pants and a cloth shirt that has loosely attached sleeves. Wears a detachable cape and boots. Color scheme is black and deep red.

Personality Edit

Good personality traits: Calm (for a Dark Jedi), tolerant, playful, negotiable.

Bad personality traits: Can be hot-headed, violent, impulsive.

Mood character is most often in: Stoic

Character's greatest joy in life: Sparring

Character's greatest fear: Losing everything she has.

Life philosophy: Life is rough and challenging. Life is full of difficulties and possibilities. Life rewards the strong and penalizes the weak.

Greatest strengths: Strong sword skills and her force powers

Greatest vulnerability or weakness: Prideful

Biggest regret: Having a crush on someone

Biggest accomplishment: Taking down multiple Jedi

Goals Edit

Drives and motivations: Wish to gain power and influence

Immediate goals: Strengthen her powers

Long term goals: Leave a mark in the galaxy.

Past Edit

Hometown/planet: Coruscant

Education: Went to a private school / academy

Present Edit

Current location: N/A

Currently living with: Her crew

Pets/Droids: N/A

Occupation: Sith / Dark Jedi

Family Edit

Parents: Erin and Lena Rein

Siblings: N/A

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Other important family members: N/A

Favorites Edit

Color: Red

Food: Filet

Form of entertainment: Sparring

Expressions: N/A

Most prized possession: Her lightsabers

Habits Edit

Hobbies: Sparring, reading, socializing

Smokes/Drinks/Drugs: Brandy

Peculiarities: Rather 'tame' for a Dark Jedi, force user

Relationships with others: Edit

Attitude with other people in general: Social and vocal- she'll speak her mind openly.

Person character most hates: N/A

Best friend(s): N/A

Person character goes to for advice: First Officer

Person(s) character feels responsible for or takes care of: Her crew

Person character feels shy or awkward around: N/A

Character Background Summary: Edit

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